John Daly: ‘I don’t work out. I put out’

John Daly is our favorite story of the The Open Championship thus far, and it’s not particularly close. The greatness continued on Thursday before the first round of the tournament.

In an interview with the BBC, Daly was asked about the fitness level of modern tour players. Those of you who have followed Daly’s career know that staying in shape isn’t really his thing. He was happy to acknowledge that.

“All these kids work out,” he said via Luke Kerr-Dineen of USA Today. “I don’t work out. I put out.”

There has never been a player on the PGA Tour like John Daly, and there probably won’t be another one like him ever again.

On Wednesday, Daly wore Yankees-themed pants and took a drag from his cigarette while he was still on live television after an interview. You can see that video here.

Whether he’s talking about putting out or his wife not putting out, you can always count on Daly for a colorful quote.

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