Dufner gives Auburn football a pep talk

When you think about Jason Dufner, you don’t think “pep talk.”

Case in point:

src="http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/03/29/032913-GOLF-Jason-Dufner-LN-PI_20130329160119976_600_400.JPG" />

(Image via


target="_blank">David Watkins)

And yet here he is, dazzling wide-eyed Auburn football players

with his tales of perseverance and success and explaining that,

yeah, golfers may not be as “athletic” as football players, one

Auburn Tiger can still learn from another Auburn Tiger:

A touching moment, indeed.



the PGA Championship on Sunday, his first career major title,

giving him a legacy much greater than just the photo above. He has

been on a trail of awesome ever since. His wife was


into the spotlight, he


with the Wanamaker Trophy, and he even


a new puppy.