‘Happy Gilmore’ reborn as awesome ’80s video game

'Happy Gilmore' gets punched up as an 8-bit video game. 

If you were born in the 1980s and raised on Nintendo, you’ll always have a soft spot for the 8-bit video game console. When you reached your teens and began enjoying PG-13 movies (because you never watched R-rated movies until you were 18, right?), among the many sports flicks to strike your fancy was probably "Happy Gilmore."

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For you old-fashioned souls, CineFix needs to be your new favorite subscription on YouTube. The group retells classic movies as old school Nintendo, Super Nintendo or arcade games, and on Tuesday it released "Happy Gilmore." Enjoy:

Incredible how the whole film is summed up in three glorious minutes. It’s part Tecmo Bowl, part Paperboy, part Nintendo Golf. 

And that’s not the only gem by CineFix. Want more movies? How about "Fight Club" or "The Big Lebowski?"

A classic from the 2000s? Here’s "Anchorman":

Or if you’ve got a spare hour or two, check out all of CineFix’s 8-bit beauties.