Ex-wives not surprised by Norman

Two former wives of golf star Greg Norman have spoken about his latest engagement, describing him as aggressive when it comes to pursuing relationships, The (Sydney) Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday.

As Norman confirmed his engagement to Sydney interior designer Kirsten Kutner, his first wife, Laura Andrassy, claimed Monday night the golf great started his affair with his latest bride-to-be while he and Andrassy were married.

"It was a hurtful time in my life," she said.

Andrassy spoke out after Norman, 55, and Kutner, 41, detailed their engagement in an interview with an Australian women’s magazine.

"I don’t care what he does, I’ve moved on," Andrassy said.

"It’s just that my children have to be around a woman who almost destroyed our family."

Andrassy and Norman have two adult children: son Greg and daughter Morgan.

Norman’s spokesman declined to comment on claims of an affair.

The woman Norman divorced 10 months ago after 18 months of marriage, Chris Evert, wished him well.

"I wish Greg happiness in his future," the U.S. tennis great told The Daily Telegraph. "I know he is aggressive and works fast, but I’m not disappointed."

A source close to Evert said she was surprised to hear of Norman’s latest engagement, adding: "She didn’t expect this so soon."

Norman and Evert confirmed their previously secret relationship soon after his 26-year marriage to Andrassy ended in 2006.

Andrassy detailed Norman’s previous involvement with Kutner for the first time, saying she learned of their affair when she overheard a conversation between the pair in the early 1990s.

Andrassy confronted him and he vowed to end the affair, but even now, Andrassy says, "I don’t know whether he continued to see her."

Kutner, who has two young children, will be the golfer’s third wife.