Good Samaritan reunites fellow golfer with his long-lost wedding ring

A Good Samaritan shopping in a Dick’s Sporting Goods happened to find a wedding ring accidentally left inside a golf glove more than three weeks after a fellow golfer lost it. KCTV has the story:

"On Valentine’s Day Chris Castro was out celebrating with his wife when he stopped by a Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Zona Rosa [Missouri].

"I tried some golf gloves on," he said."

That was your first mistake, Chris. Later that night, Castro realized his urge to look at golf gear on Valentine’s Day came at a very dear cost.

"I noticed my wedding ring was missing," Castro said.

He called the store, but there was no sign of it. He called back several more times and still nothing."

Fortunately for Castro, the ring never moved until Jeff Geyer tried on the very same glove three weeks later. Geyer posted about his find on Facebook, and the power of social media did the rest. The two men are now planning on a golf outing together.