Golfer stabs partner with club?

Golf is a frustrating sport. That much is indisputable. And a poor day on the links is only made worse when you have to endure it with an undesirable playing partner. Just ask Sergio Garcia.

But usually — usually — a bad round coupled with a bad partner doesn’t lead to violence. And almost never does it end with one hacker in jail while another recovers from a stab wound.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to one Michigan man who was struck with a golf club during an argument with a playing partner, then stabbed with the broken golf club after the head came off in the initial blow.

According to the Detroit News, 59-year-old Glenn Steven Lott was playing with an unidentified 65-year-old man and two other golfers at Westwynd Golf Club, about 40 miles north of Detroit, on Thursday when Lott and the 65-year-old began to argue on the 12th hole over the number of strokes Lott had taken.

The argument then escalated and Lott struck the 65-year-old in the arm with a Callaway 5-iron, breaking the head off the club. Lott then proceeded to stab the man in the arm with the club’s shaft, according to the paper. But that wasn’t the end of it. Here’s more from the Detroit News:

Two other men, who were golfing with the pair as a foursome, reportedly held Lott down while the victim sped off in a golf car to the clubhouse for safety, according to a deputy’s report. Lott eventually broke loose and gave chase in a second cart screaming he was "going to get him," according to witnesses.

The other two golfers corroborated the victim’s account to deputies and said Lott became enraged and attacked "without provocation after he was asked what his score was on the previous hole."

The victim was treated at the scene at the golf course by township firefighters but refused to go to a hospital. He later sought treatment at an urgent care facility, where he received stitches to his arm.

Lott was arraigned Friday a charge of felony assault and held on $100,000 cash bond. He also needs a new 5-iron.