Golf Channel co-opts MLK’s ‘Dream’

There probably is a way for the Twitter account of a golf

website to acknowledge the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s

“I Have A Dream” speech without it looking out of place next to all

the golf talk.

I don’t know what that way would be, and I’m not about to

brainstorm it out loud for you, but this probably isn’t it . .



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Look, let he who hath not sent out a regrettable tweet cast the

first stone. There is clearly no malice in Golf Channel’s post

— but co-opting the most important speech of the 20th century

as a branding opportunity is nonetheless a regrettable decision

that drew the hellfire of the always quick-to-pounce


It all amounted to an first-amendment exercise.

First came the offended responses . . .

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There were non sequitur analogies . . .

There was the ‘Really?” crowd

. . .

There was self-promotional grandstanding . . .

Eventually, there was the inevitable Golf Channel apology . .


Then came the response to the apology . . .

There was the backlash against the backlash . . .

There were well-meaning people who just straight-up answered the

question . . .

And then there was Piers Morgan, who utilized the

across-the-pond spelling of “apologize” . . .

Well, that was productive.