Does Elin approve of Tiger, Vonn?

After a few months of dating — and one possibly drunken incident at the Met Gala — Tiger Woods’ relationship with Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn appears to be getting pretty serious, but that doesn’t mean El Tigre is done juggling women for good.

Because according to one report, Woods’ ex-wife still reportedly has some say in his current affairs — and according to another, his possible future wife, Vonn, may also be angling to make sure any future affairs cost the world’s No. 1 golfer dearly.

The first gossipy update on the life and times of Tiger comes from, which is reporting that Woods’ costly divorce agreement with ex-wife Elin Nordegren stipulates that Woods may not have the couple’s two children around any of his future, err, playing partners without an OK from Nordegren.

In recent days, Woods and Vonn have been photographed with Woods’ children at their school, where Vonn has also been spotted dropping the kids off by herself.

If Examiner’s report is accurate and A + B = C, then Nordegren must have given Tiger’s relationship with Vonn her stamp of approval. However, even if Nordegren has approved of Vonn, it’s unclear whether she has the power to change her mind.

One thing, of course, that would make Vonn’s presence in the kids’ life permanent would be marriage. And if you believe the National Enquirer, wedding bells may soon be on the horizon for the pair now that the issue of access has been resolved.

An Enquirer report last week stated that Woods and Vonn have already started talking about a wedding and children, and that a prenuptial agreement has been discussed, as well. And if Tiger does get out of his cage again, it could supposedly  mean a huge payday for Vonn — to the tune of a $20 million payout every time he cheats and half of Woods’ reported $600 million fortune if the pair should split.

We don’t know how much of this latest news on Tiger’s personal life is actually accurate. (This is, after all, the Enquirer, which is also boasting headlines that say Nordegren is furious over Woods’ and Vonn’s relationship and that "fat and ugly O.J. Simpson is a sex bomb.")

But this much we know is true: Tiger’s cheating scandal is the gift that keeps on giving for the tabloids — and at the very least, this allows us to stop talking about fried chicken.