Congressman drops effort to honor Tiger Woods

A California congressman is dropping his effort to honor Tiger

Woods with a Congressional Gold Medal.

Democratic Rep. Joe Baca proposed legislation in March that

called for the golfer to be recognized for promoting good

sportsmanship and breaking down barriers in the sport.

Baca said in a statement Wednesday that “in light of the recent

developments surrounding Tiger Woods and his family,” he won’t

pursue legislation this session to give him the award.

Woods’ recent car accident has led to a media firestorm

surrounding his personal life. The world’s No. 1 golfer hit a

hydrant and a tree on Nov. 27, and he was cited for careless

driving and fined $164.

The accident – and Woods’ refusal to answer questions about it –

fueled speculation about a possible dispute between him and his

wife, Elin.

Woods has been out of the public eye since the crash and

subsequent allegations of extramarital affairs.

Last week, Woods issued a statement saying he had let his family

down with unspecified “transgressions” that he regrets with “all

of my heart.”

The medal is the highest award Congress has to honor civilians

for achievements and contributions to society.

The Hill newspaper first reported Baca’s decision to drop the