Charles Barkley resorted to one-handed swing after another horrible golf outing

Charles Barkley, not good at golf.

As most sports fans know, NBA legend Charles Barkley is terrible at golf. He’s just incomprehensibly bad, especially considering how often he seems to play.

As far as sheer horribleness, Barkley and his swing with that elongated hitch, could not be conquered. Near the end of the third and final round, on the 17th hole, Barkley decided to try something different — a one-handed swing, you know, like Shaq for a while at the free throw line:

The tournament uses a modified Stableford format that awards points for eagles (+5) and birdies (+2) and subtracts for bogeys (-1) and double bogeys (-2) or worse. So, a negative score is NOT a good thing. Here’s the bottom of the leaderboard:

And here’s Barkley’s actual score card (which does not reveal number of actual strokes taken). For those of you who are colorblind, there’s basically three huge bars or red with some orange (regular bogey) speckled in: