Schwartzel snaps … his six-iron

Charl Schwartzel was in the midst of a poor first round Thursday

at the Open Championship, and on the 15th hole, the 2011 Masters

champion’s temper boiled over, at the expense of his


After recovering from a double-bogey on the first hole to play

his first 11 holes at even par, Schwartzel bogeyed 12, 13 and 14 to

fall to 3-over. His tee shot on 15 then found the deep left rough,

and after a recovery shot that wasn’t to his liking,

Schwartzel took it out on his club (because it’s always the

club’s fault):


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A second view of the outburst shows that Schwartzel’s club

snapped in half upon impact:

And here’s the full video, featuring the aftermath of the

snapped club, complete with stunned commentary from the on-air


But I’m not here to judge the guy, nor will many weekend

warriors like myself. We’ve all been there before, and if my

experience is any indication, Schwartzel didn’t even want

that club anymore, anyway.

Schwartzel would go on to double-bogey 15 to fall to 5-over on

the day, but he redeemed himself on 18, holing out for a rare

birdie from the sand to finish the day at 4-over:

All’s well that ends well, I guess. Told you he

didn’t need that 6-iron.