‘Open’ for interpretation to golfer’s wife

Ben Martin’s wife Kelly will not be in attendance this week at the British Open, so Golf Digest’s Shane Ryan caught up with the golfer to find out why. The reason is hilarious.

Months ago, Kelly’s sister Emily arranged to get married in the summertime, and, of course, she wanted to be at the wedding. So when the two spoke on the phone one afternoon while Ben was away practicing, Kelly opened her calendar in search of a date that fit both her and her husband’s busy schedules.

After a little digging, Kelly suggested the weekend of July 18, marked "open week" on the calendar as a perfect date for the big celebration.

Or so she thought.

When Ben returned home from practice later that evening, Kelly told him what she and her sister had planned.

"That doesn’t sound like a very good weekend" Ben said. "No, it was in my calendar" Kelly said, "It was open." "Yea" he said, "the Open Championship. The British Open."

By the time Kelly called her sister back it was too late. She had already booked everything, and given the fact that Ben hadn’t officially qualified for the Open Championship at that point, asking her to reschedule would’ve been unreasonable.

But of course, Ben did qualify, and the shows must go on, which is why Kelly won’t be in the gallery this week at the Old Course, and Ben won’t be there to see his sister-in-law get married.

(h/t Golf Digest)