An Arnold Palmer Masters trophy sold for $444k at auction


One of Arnold Palmer's four Masters trophies – a sterling silver replica of the Augusta National Golf Club clubhouse – was auctioned for $444,012, or roughly a fifth of his career PGA Tour earningsPalmer, who won the Masters every two years from 1958 to 1964, gave the trophy to the Bay Creek Resort, with the intention that it would be housed in a museum. According to ESPN, the museum was never built, and the club eventually sold the trophy to a collector.

It's a stunning amount for the trophy, especially considering that Palmer received it some 30 years after he won his last Masters. The club only started making clubhouse trophies in 1993 as a compliment to the Green Jacket. According to the PGA, Palmer's family was disappointed that the trophy was being auctioned, and they asked for it to be displayed publicly by whoever bought it.