Alleged Tiger Woods mistress arrested in LA area

A woman who said she had an affair with Tiger Woods is due in

court Thursday after she was arrested on suspicion of driving with

a suspended license in West Hollywood.

Jaimee Grubbs was taken into custody Wednesday after a random

license plate check of her 2004 Ford Mustang showed she had three

outstanding warrants for driving on a suspended license, Los

Angeles County sheriff’s Deputy Jeff Gordon said.

Grubbs was issued a new citation after it was determined she was

still driving on a suspended license, Gordon said.

Grubbs was released early Thursday morning after posting about

$30,000 bail. She’s scheduled to appear at the Beverly Hills

courthouse Thursday morning on the outstanding warrants.

Grubbs, a Los Angeles cocktail waitress, told Us Weekly she had

a 31-month affair with Woods and had the text messages to prove it.

She also provided the magazine with a voice mail she said came from


The Woods’ scandal erupted following a Thanksgiving weekend car

crash and allegations that he had trysts with multiple women.