Yanni Gourde details how Lightning plan to overcome slow starts

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Tampa Bay winger Yanni Gourde details how the Lightning plan to overcome slow starts.

YANNI GOURDE: I think it was our compete level, and we didn't execute plays that we usually do. We turned to many pucks over, and I think that was part of like how the way we played in the first period. It was in the right way. And I think we went on the ice today, and we worked really hard. And I think that was good for us.

INTERVIEWER 1: It'll take a much stronger second and third period. Do you expect that your next game against Vancouver you're going to be a much different team to start?

- Yeah, obviously, we need a better start than we showed last game. So, yeah, for sure, our second and third period were better. But at the end of the day, I don't think it was executed perfectly. So we know we got plenty of place to improve, and I think we're going to do that.

INTERVIEWER 1: What about the penalty kill? That was obviously an area of strength for you guys. Just what are some of the little details or maybe some of the different things that you're working on with Lalonde and Halpern to get that going?

- I think it's our [INAUDIBLE] pressure. It's I think when we use our speed, and we force them to make plays that they don't necessarily want to make. I think that's when we're at our best, and I think we did that. And our goalie, Vasilevskiy, was amazing on the penalty kill, so that helped us a lot.

INTERVIEWER 2: What do you think happens on opening night? Is it just jitters, or because it's the first game of the year why you have a first period like that? Why everybody's kind of not on the same page.

- Yeah, I don't know. I think sometimes you want too much, things like this happen. And I think all you've got to focus on is making the right decision, making the right plays. And let the game get to you. Don't try to over think the game or overplay the game. Just let it come to you. And do the simple plays and work hard. And I think that's kind of what we've got to win a little bit of.

INTERVIEWER 2: Is that something that you as players can make that adjustment in between the first and second period? Like you can recognize what's going wrong? Or is that somewhere the coaching staff has to come in and say like--

- I think it's a little bit of both. We obviously as player, we knew we didn't show up in the first period like we wanted to. But obviously, coaches see that too. So it's good that they remind us of what we should go and do out there. And I think it was kind of both our group of players and our group of coaches told us what to do better.