Panthers goalie James Reimer on stepping in for Roberto Luongo

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Florida Panthers goalie James Reimer says it was tough to see Roberto Luongo go down in the first game of the season but that the Cats trained all offseason to be prepared, and that mindset doesn't change going forward.

[WHOOSH] - Just win game two. Obviously it sucks to see Lou go down. Hopefully it's not too, too long, but in his absence, it's just win some hockey games. That's what you train all summer to do, and just have some fun doing it.

- You hadn't played in a couple weeks. How much confidence does it give you, the fact that you got in there cold in Tampa, and still pieced together a really good couple periods?

- Yeah. You obviously want to get in rhythm, you want to play lots of games and what not, but yeah, when you get in there, and in a situation that isn't necessarily ideal, it's good for the confidence to be able to step in there, and know that you can kind of generate something.

REPORTER: Yeah, you came in cold and got four or five shots right off the bat. You looked a little surprised by it. Were you surprised to get that many, like da-da-da-da?

- Not really. Obviously, when you get in there you just want to feel the puck. And so I was able to make a few saves, and then you can just kind of settle in and play your game. So yeah, you don't really know what to expect when you go in there. You just kind of go minute by minute at the start to just try and make sure you're mentally and physically ready to get going.

REPORTER: You carried the load for quite a while last season. Does that make it easier right now to flip that switch back to being like, all right, here I am again, starting, going to play a lot of games?

- Yeah. Yeah. It's something I've done kind of throughout my career. A couple of seasons here, a couple seasons there, and parts of seasons, and whatnot. So yeah, it's just you love to play the game, and you love to start, and whatnot. So it's just a fun, good opportunity. Looking forward to it.