Panthers goalie Michael Hutchinson on being recalled after Roberto Luongo’s injury

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Florida Panthers Goalie Michael Hutchinson talks being back on NHL ice, being ready for every opportunity, and helping the team win anyway he can.

[WHOOSH] - You say it's an unfortunate circumstance to be back, but at the same time, it's a good opportunity for me. And I'm just coming in here looking to work hard, and if I get the chance, to help the team win some games.

REPORTER: You said when you signed here, every team needs to [INAUDIBLE] this now. And this kind of just proves that. Just be yourself, just getting here, obviously you're supporting [INAUDIBLE] at the same time. How does that change your approach? You were starting down at Springfield and now you're back to back [INAUDIBLE] up here.

- Yeah. It doesn't change your approach at all. Whether you're starting or backing up games, the whole focus is to be ready when you get your opportunity. And the main goal is to win games, and to make the playoffs, and push and win the Stanley Cup. So that's my goal right now, is to help this team in any way I can.

REPORTER: And you have over 100 games in the NHL. How confident are you to get back out there in the NHL and had a chance to be in the AHL most of last year?

- Oh yeah. Definitely still have the confidence I can play at this level. I think I've proved that over the last few seasons. And I got a good game in down in Springfield, so I'm feeling pretty good right now.

REPORTER: And a little bit about signing with the Panthers. Did you see a possible-- you look at the last couple of years with the Panthers, they've had to use goalies a lot. Was that one reason why you looked at this place and said yeah.

- Yeah, there's many factors going into my decision, and every team over the last few years, it seems, has to use three goalies, and some teams more than others. So like I said, it's unfortunate that Lou went down, especially this early in the season. But I'm just going to come in here and do my best to try and help them win games.

REPORTER: Rob [INAUDIBLE] said, you've got something to prove, you want to be an NHL goalie, here's another chance at it, right?

- Yeah. You kind of realize pretty quickly that your chances are very limited in this league, and I've been waiting a while to get another crack at it. So I'm looking forward to getting another chance.

REPORTER: Still a young guy, though, right? I mean, what are you, 28?

- Yeah. So still a young guy, but playing most of the year in the NHL last year really shows that NHL opportunities don't come around every day. And so I'm looking forward to this opportunity, and hopefully I can prove myself again.

REPORTER: [INAUDIBLE] said this could be as long as a month. How settled did you actually get in Springfield? But did you get a place? What are you leaving behind?

- Well I was supposed to move into my apartment today. So I think the furniture is getting there today and the cable is getting hooked up, so I'm going to try and a coordinate that from my phone today. But I was just starting to get settled in there, but at the same time, I'm happy to be up here, and I'm happy to get an opportunity.