Maintaining composure, leadership among things Josh Richardson is working on

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Miami Heat's Josh Richardson says a dedication to staying composed when opponents go on runs and working on his leadership skills are things he is spending time on during camp and the preseason.

- I think he just saw my off-the-court stuff, too. And just when we get in the games, and other teams go on runs, I think he wants us to take more control of those situations. And I mean, I think that just comes with time and guys really stepping out of their comfort zones.

INTERVIEWER 1: You hear it all the time, you know there's going to be runs. There doesn't always have to be runs. I mean, is that the point?

- It was a game of runs, so there's pretty much always going to be a run. But you know, you just try to keep it to maybe a 4-0 or 6-0 run and stop the bleeding, and you know, get your guys together, and change the momentum.

INTERVIEWER 2: What is your mindset going into this season?

- I just want to be aggressive. I want to work on my leadership, and you know, learn as much as I can from the guys who are still here.

INTERVIEWER 3: Do you feel yourself getting to that next-level type of player, now growing into that?

- I felt good at camp, yeah. So I've just got to put it all into action on the court, because I think I had a good summer of work.