Goran Dragic says Heat are working on pace, correcting mistakes in preseason

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Miami Heat guard Goran Dragic says the preseason has thus far been a place for the team to work on correcting mistakes from last season as well as being more consistent with their pace.

- Now, especially the guys that being here last year, we know what our system is, how we need to play. You know, for new guys it's a little bit tougher. It's a lot of information, you know. They need time. But we've seen some positive in those games that we played, especially with the unit that we play a lot. But you know, we still got, what, three games left in preseason. So we have enough time to get better. But every practice is good.

INTERVIEWER: [INAUDIBLE] says that even with the familiarity, he's looking to get to another level. What level is that?

- You know, try to correct those mistakes that we did last year. We feel like that especially our pace can be a little bit higher. You know, we can play to our strengths, especially penetrate more and shoot threes. And you know, those mid-range [INAUDIBLE] low percentage shot so maybe try to eliminate those as much as possible and play defense, so.

INTERVIEWER: Is that more of a mindset [INAUDIBLE] just do it automatically, where you have to get it to a point where you're just not even thinking about that?

- Yeah, you have to-- you know, you have to work on it. You cannot just, you know, click it and everything-- you're going to play like that every game. So you know, first of all, you need to know what the certain system, what the certain actions brings, where you can attack, how you can attack. And then when you feel comfortable with those, you know, plays, then it's much easier.

INTERVIEWER: Goran, does it help having three straight home games before the season starts just to kind of get--

- I mean, for me that's definitely. You know, you sleep in your own back. You're home. It's been kind of a crazy schedule, especially at the beginning. You know, training camp we were away. And then suddenly after training camp, we went to San Antonio then Charlotte and Washington. So we've been away from home a lot. But you know, now we have an opportunity to to work on our craft here at home and, you know, try to get better.

INTERVIEWER: Goran, there are a lot of familiar faces this season. What is your main focus for yourself?

- For myself? Just to be consistent. I think so. I feel a lot more fresher than last year. And you know, hopefully I'm going to have no injuries and try to elevate my game even more. But consistency, that's the number one thing for me through the whole season, all 82 games.

INTERVIEWER: Do you always look forward to the home crowd?

- Oh, yeah, definitely. I mean, you know, it's always nice to play at home. And, you know, this is our first game, you can say, of the season or preseason. And I'm looking forward to this one.