Dwyane Wade explains the importance of the preseason for the Heat

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Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade says he has a little bit more of a spring in his step this preseason as he continues to work up to game shape and get his game legs under him.

- Well, we had 8 preseason games. It was a lot. Plus training camp, it was a lot. But I mean and now when you've got a younger team and you're building, it's more necessary than it was when we had you know teams that were championship caliber teams, right?

So it just depends on where you are at. You know obviously as a player you know if you needed to get in shape, you know to get used to your teammates, and all these different things. So you know for us it's important.

REPORTER: Now, it's short stints and all that. But there were times on Friday, like passing, the pass to nowhere. You are moving as well, maybe you were even at the end of last year already. Are you feeling that? Like it just seems like there's a lot of pop, a lot of energy [INAUDIBLE].

- So, let's talk about that pass to no where real quick. My buddy, Justice, last I checked, was in that spot. But when I went up, he wasn't there no more, by the time I released it, he moved up. You know he was doing his job. But last in my memory as I went in, he was there.

So that pass to nowhere was really to somebody. But he moved up.

REPORTER: So he's not used to your preseason hang time?

- No, no. You know he, I think he was looking to like what I was going to do. I think he thought I was going to do something spectacular. What was the second part of that?

REPORTER: I don't even remember anymore.

- I just had to clear that up.

REPORTER: The spring that you had at this point--

- Oh, oh, well, you know I said this to someone, and just truthfully because of you know me deciding you know what I was going to do this year, I didn't train like I did the last couple of summers, right? I trained. I played the open gym and all these things, but I didn't do all the things that I did the last couple of summers because of my indecision.

But I came into the condition test, I came into training camp, and I actually felt better than I did the last couple of summers. It was weird. And so so far even as I continue to get in game shape and get my game legs, I still feel better than I have the last couple of years at this time of the year.

So I think the biggest thing for me is I feel good physically, and I want to continue to stay that way so I can continue to do the extra work and do the things I need to get to where I want to be by game 1 and then game 20 and so forth.

REPORTER: The last China game is tomorrow, last China game for this year, Dallas and Philly finished their two games over there tomorrow. I know it's been a big deal for you for a long time to go over, but are you still seeing growth over there? I mean we hear about crazy numbers like 300 million people playing basketball in China. And huge numbers show up for you and UD when you guys get there and whatever. But are you still seeing growth?

- Yeah, I am. Every year that I go over for my tour, more and more. Just the love of the game is real, you know? The love of the NBA players, you know, it's for real. You know and for me I've been going out there for a while now and to say at 36 I get more and more fan base, more and more support, more and more love is crazy to say. But it's real.

So the game is you know that's why the games are still going over in China like that because they love it. And it's definitely made our game grow in other countries as well because of the relationship between the NBA and China.

REPORTER: Coach said he was really encouraged by what [INAUDIBLE] said. [INAUDIBLE] What would you see from him?

- I mean it looked good. You know, obviously, when a player sit out that long, you think you will see some rust, but he came in. He looked very good. So you know it's going to be good to get him back out on the floor again, you know. We are missing five guys that could start on the team in this preseason. So it is unfortunate, But you know hopefully we can get some guys back this week and get into more of a rhythm of a rotation and things of that nature.

REPORTER: How much does that help going into the season? [INAUDIBLE]

- It helps a lot. It helps a lot. Right now you are playing line ups that may not play together at all and lineups that haven't. You know we went through the whole training camp pretty much with guys you know for the most part. [INAUDIBLE], you know we lost [INAUDIBLE] and [INAUDIBLE] coming out of the scrimmage that we had you know up at FAU.

So you know now we're trying to play him with a different rotation. And in moments it's been great, and other moments you can tell that you know it's still work that needs to be done. So it will be good now to get you know as the week comes in, we get more guys to get back in the rotation and that played a lot of minutes for us last year. So we can see how that looks.

REPORTER: And Tyler's been dealing with some migraines and something that you know a little bit about. [INAUDIBLE]

- Yeah, no. No, he's fine. I mean ain't nothing you can do when someone is dealing with migraines. It's got to go away on its own. And it is unfortunate. But he looked good today. He was out here. So having him back out here today is good. So hopefully, tomorrow, man, Monday we can have a few other guys you know that we depend on. You know we can get like I said, we can get into a better rhythm together.