Heat’s Josh Richardson says he is continuing to feel better

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Miami Heat guard/forward Josh Richardson says he is continuing to feel better and that his bruised thigh is progressing well, while also touching on how Dwyane Wade has looking so far in the preseason.

- I mean, I think I had a good scrimmage today. I was able to go the whole practice and I feel good, and I was aggressive on offense. I was getting to my spots, scoring and defending well, you know? I guess. I don't know. That's just a guess.

REPORTER: You talked about how you--your lack a little to the explosiveness last week. Do you feel like that's fine?

- Yeah, I feel like I'm definitely a lot more explosive than I was last week. I'm doing drills after practice, like dunking and stuff, making sure everything's OK. So I feel a lot better.

REPORTER: How important is it-- [INAUDIBLE]. You're still young enough. Do you feel like you need all these? Do you feel like you need these games? Is that why-- you know, you can also hurt, obviously-- does it suck sitting out because you kind of feel like you need these to get ready for what's coming next week?

- Yeah, I feel like they're a good chance to, you know, for coach to get a good look at the team, and for guys to start playing together again, start getting a feel for each other before the games actually count, because we haven't played together in a few months. So I think it's a good lab for everybody to kind of start figuring the kinks out.

REPORTER: There's been a couple of flashes in these games where Dwyane has had a couple-minute run in every game where he's gotten a spark. I know it doesn't surprise you. I'm not disrespecting him. But what's that say about what he can still do in his last few years, if he wants-- if he wants to get going, it's still there?

- Yeah. He's a guy that can definitely help us. And he's a guy who calms everybody. And if we need a couple of big buckets, or if we need somebody to just pick us up in a dull time, we know he's one of the guys we can look to and that's a very comforting thing.