All the offseason work matters in the newest episode of Inside the Magic

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Get ready for the newest episode of Inside the Magic, which premieres Oct. 8 on FOX Sports Florida. Check your local listings for future airings.

[MUSIC PLAYING] JEFF WELTMAN: Summer league is all about development

STEVE CLIFFORD: When we practice, we practice the right way, complete intensity and concentration.

JEFF WELTMAN: The summer league is a time for our new coaching staff to be able to integrate their system.

- Taking the ball out. Make sure point guards, get your groups organized. You're going to be coming in next.

JEFF WELTMAN: It's a great time for players to get their first taste of NBA experience, and especially in Las Vegas where they're playing in front of 18,000 people, and it has a real NBA game feel.

- Our fans are going to be able to see in the short time since the season ended to the summer league, some of our young players have taken a really big step forward, not only with their physical condition and their shape but their basketball skills.

- OK. It's a good start, men, good start. Go.

- Magic on three. One, two, three.

- Magic.

- The biggest thing in summer league with limited practice time place before you play is you just have to do organizational things, more team things. You can't do a lot of break down drills and a lot of teaching. And so you do more whole. That should be an elbow jump or a drive every single time. But you have to be in a position where as he's getting open, that ball gets to him.

They're new to me. You know, I just want to have a chance to be on the floor with them and coach them. And I think it'll help us in our coach player relationship. I would do it tomorrow too. Because I like to do it. But Pat's going to coach summer league. And it's important that he gets time so they get used to him. Because he's going to be coaching them in the games.

- OK, again, because of we're being creative-- The best pro players are usually also the best workers. And they know how to practice the right way, the right intensity, the right concentration. And they understand that the better job they do paying attention the quicker they're going to learn. And many of these guys are this far away from being NBA players. And sometimes that can get them over the top.

Very good job today to me. Very good job, OK? But I think you can watch and see that as our concentration in intensity goes up, everybody's going to play better. Everybody's going to play better. Right? Here we go.

- Let's go y'all. Magic on three. One, two, three.

- Magic.