Jacob MacDonald describes emotions of scoring 1st NHL in front of friends, family

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Florida Panthers defenseman Jacob MacDonald talks about what it felt like to score his first NHL goal in front of a slew of friends and family Saturday night.

INTERVIEWER: Jacob, quite a day for you. First National Hockey League game and scoring your first shot, first shift. Doesn't get any better than that. Were you dreaming of this day and getting that goal?

- Yeah. Absolutely. As a kid, I grew up and that's obviously your dream to play and go out there and finish a shift like that. It was awesome. So, it's really exciting.

INTERVIEWER: And to have a lot of family and friends in the stands, as well. A little extra special?

- Yeah, absolutely. I think this is the first game-- I was just thinking about-- that my little brother has seen me play in almost 10 years. So, you know, he's a busy guy. So I was lucky enough to have him down here, especially. So.

INTERVIEWER: What was it like, this rivalry between these two teams for the state of Florida? Do you feel it right away, feel the energy in this building?

- Absolutely. You know, it was a lot of fun coming in here. And you know, they have a great environment here. It's a lot of fun to play in. So, it was definitely something you get a feel for right away with the fans and the national anthem and stuff like that.

INTERVIEWER: You notice a difference, you notice a difference from preseason to the regular season, the speed of the game, the intensity?

- Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. You know, it means something. You know, it's the first step, the first game in the journey to get to the playoffs. And you gotta take it one game at a time. But definitely, you notice it.

INTERVIEWER: Get your grandma that satellite TV, she might just be watching.

- My mom.

INTERVIEWER: Oh, your mom did. OK.

- Yeah.

INTERVIEWER: How was that?

- It was good. Finally got her set up. So, yeah, so she could watch.

INTERVIEWER: What was that like, first shot, first, I mean--

- Yeah. It was unbelievable. You know, it was a good play, too. Puck squirted out, and I was lucky enough to put it in.

INTERVIEWER: You wouldn't have thought that that was all you guys were going to score, right? I mean, the way you guys were getting chances.

- No. I mean, we had a great first period. And we had a lot of momentum. And you know, they did a good job in the second period. And we just had to step up and make it a good game. And we gave ourselves chances to win this game.