Lightning rookie Mathieu Joseph shares insight on NHL debut

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Tampa Bay Lightning's rookie Mathieu Joseph recaps his NHL debut, overcoming nerves, and team chemistry.

- It was awesome. I think it's good for the confidence, and I kind of build from that.

REPORTER: Matthew, how was that solo lap after you come out of the tunnel?

- That was awesome. I knew something kind of like that would have been. So it was great. Made me comfortable right away, and good warm up song out there, so I was buzzing warm up, but it was a good feeling.

REPORTER: What's the a difference for you between the first period and the rest of the game? Because you looked like you really found your game from the second period on.

- Yeah. It's the first period I was a little bit nervous out there. Even though you're trying not to think about it, it's still your first period ever. So I was a little nervous, and I kind of reset in second, took a couple of deep breaths, and I think I was just a little bit more poised in second, and I kind of found my game, yeah. You can say that.

REPORTER: Did you feel comfortable in your game and the way you want to play?

- You know, I mean, Coop kept sending our line out there, and we're playing against a good line. I think everyone did a pretty good job defensively tonight, even though our first period was tough. They came out really strong, but like I said, when you go on the ice, you're more comfortable, your confidence is getting up. And you're more comfortable every shift, and it's easy to play with these guys, too, guys I had chemistry before.

REPORTER: So you played with Cirelli quite a bit in Syracuse last year. Did that help?

- Yeah. For sure. He's a great friend off the ice, and he's such a reliable centerman. And he's playing really good defensively. And it's so easy to play with him. And [INAUDIBLE].

REPORTER: How much did the job that the penalty kill do-- that they did throughout the game? How much did that give you guys a lift as it went on and on?

- Yeah, they have a really good power play out there. We can see it. And I think the guys did a great job. I think our best penalty killer was probably Vasy too. He's made some key saves out there tonight. And it was good to see him make those key saves in PK. I think we built a little bit of momentum from that, since we scored on that PK, and that kind of gave us a boost for the rest of the game. But especially it was definitely huge tonight.