James Reimer explains mindset coming in after Roberto Luongo’s injury

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Florida Panthers goalie James Reimer talks about having to enter the game after Roberto Luongo's injury and how he tried to acclimate to the game quickly.

INTERVIEWER: James, you've always said, you've got to be ready all the time. And here's another example. You've been through this many, many times. What was it like coming in after Luongo got hurt?

- Yeah. I mean, that's tough. I mean, obviously Lou's a, he's a battler and he's a workhorse. And you know, it just really sucks, you know, you know, when you see that happen. I mean, obviously, saw the position he was in when someone fell on him. And you could just kind of tell that that wasn't one of those things where you could stay in the game. And so, I just tried to, you know, just get prepared right off the bat, and you know, get ready for the first shot.

INTERVIEWER: Talk about the shoot out and what were you trying to do, especially on the Kucherov goal.

- Yeah. Disappointing. I mean, they got a pretty lucky bounce on the first one. You know, it's a nice break for them. And I mean, Kuch, obviously, you know, he's a shooter. And you know, I wish I would have played it a little different. But you know, them's the breaks. You learn from it and you get better.

INTERVIEWER: We're just talking with Vincent Trocheck, obviously disappointed, did not able to get the extra point. But you've got to be encouraged at the offense in front of you were able to generate here tonight.

- Yeah. They were working hard. I mean, you know, there's lulls in the game. And there's ebbs and flows and momentum and whatnot. But I thought we took it, we took it to them for probably the first and the third. And you know, we had our chances. And you know, we didn't get the breaks. And you know, they got quite a few on the other end. So, you know, that's just the way it goes.

I'm happy and proud of the way the guys played. They battled hard. And you know, we we've had a good pre-season and a good week of practice. And I think it showed. You know, guys were prepared. And the biggest thing, you know, compete level. You know, when it comes down to it, it's just how hard are you going to compete. And I thought the guys answered the bell.

INTERVIEWER: You got tested early, four shots in two minutes. But you guys only gave up one shot on goal in 10 minutes in the third. It seemed like Tampa Bay's chances were very limited, as opposed to previous games.

- Yeah. No, I thought we played, we played well as a group. And you know, like I said, you know, we probably had a bit of a lull there in the second. You know, they probably weren't happy with our first period and got yelled at and come out hard in the second. And you know, we got back on it in the third. And so, you know, yeah, I thought the guys, a lot of guys played well. And that's a really, really skilled team over there. And you know, we played them hard. And it was anybody's game.