Vincent Trocheck on shootout loss, Roberto Luongo’s injury

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Florida Panthers forward Vincent Trocheck says it was frustrating to not convert some of the Grade-A chances the team had, and adds that it hurts to see Roberto Luongo go down with an injury.

REPORTER: Vinny, you got to be disappointed, yet encouraged at the offense that you guys were able to generate here tonight. Obviously Vasilevskiy with so many saves, including so many chances in over time.

- We're not-- I wouldn't say we're happy with anything. We come away with a loss, we expected to win this game. We did have a lot of chances, but that's on us to put them in the net and not make Vasilevskiy look good. Obviously he's a good goaltender, but how many shots did he have? 45 shots, I think. And a lot of them, probably 15 to 20 grade A chances.

I thought we moved the puck around really well. We had a lot of chances on the power play, it was just a matter of us, like I said, not putting the puck in the net. And then, obviously, we've got to get back, make sure we're focusing on the defensive side of the puck, too, whenever we're out there.

REPORTER: Talk a little bit about, as well, your new line mate, Mike Hoffman, had a couple of posts, one in the third period, one in overtime, and in the shoot out as well. The chemistry looked like it was there, in this first game.

- Yeah. He's a great skilled player. He's got a lot of speed, great shots, so he opens up a lot of space for me and Hubey out there, and then whenever he's open he can really rip it. So me and Hubey are definitely happy to have him.

REPORTER: How tough is it to see a guy like Roberto Luongo leave a game, obviously, knowing what he means to you all?

- Yeah. You never want to see your starting goalie go down, especially one like Lu. So it was tough to lose him there in the second, but we do have a great back up in Ryan, so he stepped in, and he played really well we thought.

REPORTER: You got to see Michael Hutchinson a little bit in camp. He's coming up. What were your thoughts on him and how he looked in camp?

- Yeah. I think we signed him for a reason. He's a really good goaltender that can definitely step up for us. So when his name is called upon, he'll be ready.