Anthony Cirelli on Lightning’s comeback, critical short-handed goal

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Tampa Bay Lightning's Anthony Cirelli talks about the teams turnaround, and his short-handed goal to send game into overtime.

- It wasn't exactly a perfect game from start to finish. Let's go back to the first period. What was going on there? What did you guys have to correct?

- I think we weren't using our speed. We weren't skating much in that first period. We know we're a fast team, so if we're going to have any success we gotta be putting [INAUDIBLE] in deep and chasing after them.

- Did you see a certain key part of the game where you felt like maybe you turned the tide and you guys started to play better?

- I know Vesey been there making big saves for us. So whenever he's making those big saves, it just gives us more momentum to go down on the other end.

- You got the shorthanded goal was the two on one. Can you walk us through what you were thinking there? You had Barkov the forward back there playing defense.

- Yeah. I saw that Barkov was back there as a forward. He played pretty well. I just tried to sneak a pass in there, and lucky enough for me, it bounced in and laid there for an empty net.

- The overtime three on three are so much fun for us to watch. You guys get out there and it's end to end action, back and forth. You and others are out there. Your legs end up being about six inches shorter by the time you go up and back a couple of times.

- Yeah. All that skating is definitely tiring on the body. It was only three guys, so you're doing a lot of skating there. But like I said before, Vesey was there making huge saves for us and gave us a chance to win.

- Excellent come back win. Well done.

- Thank you.