WATCH: Panthers D Jacob MacDonald scores on 1st shot of 1st shift of 1st NHL game

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Florida Panthers defenseman Jacob MacDonald wasted little time making an impact for the Cats, scoring his first NHL goal on his first NHL shot on his first NHL shift on Saturday night.

STEVE GOLDSTEIN: Last year and all top-six Panther forwards, and seven if you include McCann, all signed a multi-year contracts, at least two years. Trocheck moves in. Trocheck puts it in front. He's got MacDonald. He scores!

DENIS POTVIN: Unbelieveable.

STEVE GOLDSTEIN: Jacob MacDonald. In his first NHL game, his first NHL goal!

DENIS POTVIN: First NHL shot! Oh, my. And the family's here, they are just rejoicing. This is unbelievable. It's worth the overpriced ticket fare on the flight to come down here to Tampa Bay.

STEVE GOLDSTEIN: That's dad Will, his step-mom Laurie, girlfriend Stephanie, brother Joel. Mom Lorinda is watching in Idaho, and check it out!

DENIS POTVIN: This is outstanding. Look at this positioning. We talked a little bit about Jacob MacDonald at the beginning of the broadcast Did remind you that he scored 20 goals last year in the American League. He understands when to move in. It couldn't have done, or it couldn't have been done in a better way just now.