Tampa Bay Lightning hockey begins tonight!

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The Tampa Bay Lightning are finally back on the ice tonight, as they begin the 2018-19 season at home against the Florida Panthers.

NARRATOR: Resilience. The capacity to overcome adversity and thrive.

RYAN CALLAHAN: Three out of the four years I've been here. Being that close and not completing it. So it definitely makes it harder to swallow. Hits you harder.

NARRATOR: For Tampa Bay, disappointment, heartbreak, and disbelief have overshadowed a rise to prominence, while establishing the Lightning as one of the NHL's elite franchises.

- You have to continue to find ways to improve. Collectively as a group and as individuals, you have to find ways. It's extremely difficult to get the ultimate prize. Someone asked me if this window's closed. It's definitely not. I think it's wide open.

NARRATOR: Tonight, the Bolts step into the floodlights on a quest that will last as long as the gleam of a silver chalice. As a new season dawns, a 100 point scorer returns with a renewed commitment to his beloved Lightning bolt.

ANNOUNCER: Kucherov cuts it. He scores! What a goal!

NARRATOR: The reigning Norris Trophy winner anchoring a veteran blue line.

ANNOUNCER: Here comes Victor Hedman. He fires, he scores!

NARRATOR: A captain that has re-established himself as one of the league's elite marksmen.

ANNOUNCER: In goes the one-timer. He scores!

NARRATOR: And a 24-year-old Vezina Trophy finalist between the pipes.

ANNOUNCER: What a save by Vasilevskiy. And he keeps it out of the net. Reaching behind him. He had it in his glove.

NARRATOR: These men, their team, this city. Joined together as one for a season-long journey with dreams of playing into June and bringing Lord Stanley back to the Bay.