Florida Panthers hockey returns tonight!

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The Florida Panthers get the 2018-19 season underway tonight, as they kick things off on the road against the Tampa Bay Lightning!

NARRATOR: The Panthers start their 25th NHL season tonight. They return a team that matched the league's best over the final 10 weeks of last season with a new high-scoring winger soaring into South Florida. The Cats are poised to ride their momentum into the new season.

- You go into every season, especially after the finish that we had last year, and you expect to do just as well and stick with that pace.

ANNOUNCER: Ekblad fires, he scores! Let's go, oh baby!

NARRATOR: A new captain leads the way.

ALEKSANDER BARKOV: We're excited about this new season and we just couldn't wait till the start of the season. And finally it's here and we just need to take one more step and we're right there.

ANNOUNCER: Matheson with a wrister scores! McCann deflected it in. The Cats will not go quietly!

- We had a good second half of the season last year. Just a matter of building off that, using that momentum into this year.

ANNOUNCER: Sets it in front. Redirect, he scores! Vincent Trocheck!

NARRATOR: The 25th season of Florida Panthers hockey begins now on Fox Sports Florida.