Danick Martel on process of building chemistry since joining Lightning, excitement for home opener

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Tampa Bay Lightning winger Danick Martel discusses his excitement for the home opener.

- I think everyone feels that the season's started. We've been, the past two nights, looking at hockey games on TV. Everyone knows that it's coming up, so I think guys are really focused and practicing at the rink right now. It's awesome for the guys, because they've got to be ready for tomorrow. And it's good for me, because it's a new rink too. So it's perfect.

REPORTER: Do you feel like you've adjusted pretty well now, just knowing the familiarity, and some of the tendencies of your teammates, and you know, getting acquainted with the structures and systems?

- Yeah, I think I didn't really practice with guys. I just got to play maybe in the next game. But I think just learning how the guys are playing and looking at them practicing, it's good for me. And I mean, it's tough. In the last 12 days, I had to learn all 22 guys who are playing. So it's going to come through, but maybe in a week or two. But yeah, I'm focusing hard on my game, and we'll see what happens next.

REPORTER: Pretty short try-out for you, but Julien Brisebois seemed really excited to have you here. Just how does it feel like to make that good of an impression to be here now for opening night?

- I think since the first minute I got picked up by the Lightning, I knew that they had confidence in me, in my game. And they know I can improve some things. And I know that too. I mean, I'm not a perfect player, because if not, I would be in the NHL already. But I think I got some work to do. But I want to work, and they want to let me work too. They want to improve my game, and that's what I'm here for.