Rookie Mathieu Joseph discusses making Lightning roster, getting chance to play in NHL

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Tampa Bay Lightning winger Mathieu Joseph on making the roster out of training camp and getting the chance to play in the NHL.

- We'll see who's in the lineup or not, if I'm in the lineup or not. But you know, it's for sure exciting for me. And you know, it's a dream coming true.

REPORTER: Do you have any family coming to the game? I mean, what was kind of their reaction when you got to tell them that you made it out of camp?

- My parents were-- they were happy. They stay-- you know, they stay pretty humble about it too. And you know, I think it's-- they were really happy. I talked to my brother, talked to my friends too. And it was-- I think it was fun to see the excitement they had from, you know, me telling them the news too. You know? And yeah, I think it was a good moment.

REPORTER: Is it hard to kind of control your excitement when I know you saw that Julien had told you right before you got on the plane to go back to Tampa? So what was that? Did you expect that?

- No, not at all, honestly. And you know, I think it was a good moment. You know, I was going back to-- we were going back to Sunrise. And you know, it was right after the game, so I don't have to, you know, make scenarios in my head right away. I was fresh from the game and stuff just before going on the plane.

So I think it-- that was a good moment for him to tell me. And to answer your question earlier, my parents, yeah, they should be here. They should be here today or tomorrow for the game. But like I said, I don't know who's playing yet. Hopefully I'll be in the lineup, but, you know, I just-- you know, I'm just ready if I-- if I am.

REPORTER: Excited. Kind of I know you talked about maybe envisioning scenarios, but did you envision, at all, yourself going out the tunnel, entering the ice if you are in the game tomorrow night?

- Yeah. I mean, it's-- you know, it's-- it's fun, but it's going to be pretty much just, you know, the same thing as pre-season. Just now it counts. You know? And you know, I've played, what, 9 or 10 preseason games here so far, so I'm kind of getting used to the routine here, and [INAUDIBLE], and you know, the fans. But for sure on opening nigh, it should be special. And you know, I think it's-- for sure, I'm thinking about it. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep well and, you know, and just get ready for the game.

REPORTER: You have some familiarity with the Panthers. Does that kind of help? Or what expectations do you have now seeing them four times now in less than two weeks?

- Yeah. And I mean, we've played them four times, and I've played [INAUDIBLE] the games against them. And you know, I kind of start to know a little bit, who's-- you know, what their tendencies are, or what they do out there, and their system. So it's for sure easier for me. It makes me more comfortable for going to the game. And you know, it's something. It's not an-- I wouldn't say an advantage, but that's definitely positive for a-- you know, a nervy first game. And that's, for sure, going to help my confidence.