High school football Game of the Week: Southridge vs. Palmetto highlights

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Giselle Espinales checks in with one of the high school football games of the week: Southridge vs. Palmetto.

- Ah-ah-ooh! Hit, huh, hit. Hit, hit, hit, hit! [INAUDIBLE].




- Remember that. Do your job, and make your plays. Do your job, and make your plays.

NARRATOR: The Game of the Week, Part 2, matching up two district rivals. The Southridge Spartans taking on the undefeated Palmetto Panthers. Both teams off to fast starts this season. Early on, the Palmetto defense putting the pressure on as Eddie Williams gets the sack, forcing a Southridge punt. The offense then gets creative with the handoff to Brashard Smith as he cuts across and heads to the outside. He outruns the defenders for the Palmetto touchdown. The play gave the Panthers a short-lived 7-to-0 lead.

And while the Panthers got on the scoreboard first, the Spartan staff made sure to have the team focus in on getting back in the game. They did that with the big play. Southridge QB Jalen Willis goes long down the sideline to Marcus Fleming, who beats his man downfield.

He takes it to the house. 93 yards. The huge play would give the Spartans 6 points, but they missed the 2-point conversion, so Palmetto was still on top. They would add to it later in the half when they drove down the field, settling for a field goal and a 10-to-6 halftime lead.

- 1, 2, 3, [INAUDIBLE].

- Well, you know what, as coaches, we've got to put them in better situations. You know? But right now we're not being physical upfront. And that's the key. You know, you got to win the battle in the trenches. And right now they're doing a better job than us.

- Man, I tell you what, it's great. High school football like this is great. Because unfortunately, in Dade County, we don't have our own stadiums. So to get people out here like this is wonderful, man. I love it. It's great for the kids, it's great for our community, it's great for just the game of football.

NARRATOR: Over 1,900 fans in attendance as we start the second half, where the action would really pick up. Southridge is set up again by a big play. This time Willis connects deep with wide receiver Jaheim Jerry. It set up a short touchdown run for running back Courtney Reese. Again, the Spartans went for 2. This time, Willis rolled out to find his fullback Willie Spivey wide open for the conversion, making the score 14 to 10, Southridge.

Palmetto would answer quickly, though, with return man Mike Jackson. And if you see here, this is a thriller of a return. Watch him go. It's off to the races. Taking it all the way for a 94-yard touchdown. The sideline's going crazy. The big play giving the Panthers the lead. And right now this is anybody's game. Southridge defense, though, would keep it at just 6 points as they would block the extra point attempt, putting Palmetto up by just 2. Willis is trying to bring the Spartans back, but look here, he is sacked by Palmetto defensive lineman Dellvon McIntyre.

Southridge defense makes the big play to turn the game around. Palmetto loses the ball, and the Spartans' Naquon Fagan picks it up and takes it down for a defensive touchdown, putting Southridge back on top for good. That guy needs a chain. And maybe the rain was the spark the Spartans needed. On the kickoff here, it was a big hit on the return by Southridge DB Tyrique Stevenson.

And another big mistake by Palmetto offense on a high snap. It's recovered, and here we go again. Another defensive touchdown for Southridge. This time it's brought in by defensive end Emmanuel Belgrave. That gave the Spartans a double-digit lead, and this game would end with a Southridge comeback win, 27 to 16, over Palmetto.