Ryan Callahan on goals for 2018-19: We have to find a way to break through

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Tampa Bay Lightning winger Ryan Callahan gives an update on getting cleared for contact and discusses how the Bolts have to find a way to win when it matters most to finally break through and win the Cup.

RYAN CALLAHAN: So we're focused on game one, and hopefully, we build and get better as the season goes on.

INTERVIEWER 1: Ryan, given the fact that obviously this is such a long season, does it take obviously pressure off of not rushing back and making sure that you're completely 100% and ready to go?

- Yeah. I mean, I've been through it before. It's funny. Everybody talks about you know, rushing back or coming back too early. I mean, you know when you're ready to come back as an athlete. As a guy who's-- I've really been through some injuries before. You know when you're ready, and you know when you're not. So obviously, I got cleared for contact, which is another step forward in the process. And see how that goes, and then take it from there.

INTERVIEWER 2: When you look back at last season and obviously, you guys had the team to win it. And taking it to a game seven against Washington. Do you kind of look at it as you just didn't get the right bounces at the right time, but there's nothing really you have to do to massively improve for this team.

- Yeah, I don't think there's massive changes, but we have to find a way to break through and then win those games when they matter the most. You know, three out of the past four years, we've had some chances here. And we're not winning those important games, and we have to prepare ourselves through the year so when we're in those opportunities and have those chances, it's second nature to us. We're ready for that game, and then we go out there, and we give our best and let the chips fall where they may. So there's always room for improvement. We didn't win last year. So we have to be better this year

INTERVIEWER 3: A little tough this summer, thinking wow, one game.

- Yeah. It sucks. There's no-- you know, you think about it all the time. I still think about Chicago. You know, I still think about losing to Pittsburgh game six and game seven to go to the finals. You know, that sits with you for a while. You know how hard it is to win. I've been in the league a while, and it's not easy to get to that point, let alone win those games. So once you're there, you've got to win those games, and unfortunately we haven't done that. So hopefully we put ourselves in the right position to get that opportunity again.

INTERVIEWER 4: Did you look at the banner being raised outside, or do you ignore that stuff?

- No, I didn't. You know, it's-- yeah, I didn't. I was watching the Yankees beat up on the A's, so I enjoyed that a lot more than watching the banner raised.