Panthers eager to get new season underway

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The Florida Panthers are eager to get the 2018-19 campaign underway, and they say it will be important to treat it as a new season and not think their strong second half of 2017-18 entitles them to anything.

VINCENT TROCHECK: I think we kind of have to wipe out the second half of the season last year. Obviously, I mean, we know we had a good second half, but we don't want to come in here thinking that it's going to be easy, thinking that we can just build off last year without putting in the work. So I think from the first half of last year, we can learn a lot. And we need to kind of take that and keep that in our minds and obviously use that to understand that every point matters. I mean, I think all of us would rather get back at it. I don't know, there's probably pros and cons to both ways.

BOB BOUGHNER: Yeah, a little jealous. I was watching the games last night. You wish you could not only play one early, but play the second one right after. And we got some time here. But it's allowed us a chance to fine-tune some things here and have some good meetings and have some good practices.

DENIS MALGIN: I think we have a really good line, a fast line. And I'm excited to play with these guys. They're really good, and I hope we can do something. I'm really excited to go and play the game. I can't wait, and I'm just as excited as you guys, I think. And let's start the season.

MIKE MATHESON: It really lets us focus in on Tampa. We play them so much in the preseason, and we know that they're our only game for a little while. So we're definitely itching to get going, and that's what, you know, that's the game you think of the entire summer when you're training and getting ready for the season-- it's that first one.