Hassan Whiteside talks about chemistry with teammates, linking up with DJ Khaled

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Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside has become more vocal in more ways than one: with his communication with his teammates and with his time in the recording studio with DJ Khaled.

- I like the pace I'm playing right now. You know, I like the pace, just pushing the ball, getting to the screens, always setting good screens, you know, being more vocal out there, even with my teammates on and off the court. You know, asking more questions. So it's pretty much-- that's pretty much [INAUDIBLE].

REPORTER: You mentioned more vocal. Is that something maybe you did not do towards the latter half of last season that you're starting to do now in your opinion?

- Yeah, I'm just getting more and more opinions, you know, asking more question. You know, asking more questions-- what you see out there, what I see out there, asking J-Rich, asking Goran what they see out there. You know, and how can we make each other better? You know, and that's what it's all about. We got all one goal. All right, is somebody answer that, man?

REPORTER: You got to go in the studio with DJ Khaled?

- Yeah, man. You know, I put a couple of verses down. Khaled will work on something special. You know, Khaled's another one.

REPORTER: Who did "Wild Thoughts" better, you or Beyoncé?

- You mean, Rih-- Rihanna, you mean.

REPORTER: I'm sorry.

- I don't know. We close. We close, you know. I need a cough drop. I got to get my vocals-- and my vocals ain't sound too good that day, but I'm going to get it next week.

REPORTER: Hassan, did you feel that maybe you had to silence some of the doubters that were vocal last year towards the end of last season?

- Yeah, you know, I want to come in and see how I play healthy. You know, I got hurt the first game of the season. You know, and then I got hurt again. And it was just-- it was just get hurt, get out of shape, get hurt-- you know, it's tough. So I definitely want to come in and-- just come in and be a healthy Hassan Whiteside. I don't really get caught in the outside noise. You know, a lot of people never believed I would get this far.