Goran Dragic on Heat’s progress from practice, preseason games

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Miami Heat guard Goran Dragic talks about younger players getting some run and how the team is progressing during practice and preseason games.

GORAN DRAGIC: You know, we put a little bit pace on it, it's a bit faster. Of course, we need to improve a lot of stuff. But you know, the young players, young guys, they get a lot of playing time. I think so when we get healthier and everybody's back, it's going to be a little bit easier. But we see progress. You know, our result was not the priority, but just our game. And in some moments, we look really good, some moments a little bit less. But we're on the right track.

REPORTER: You mentioned injuries. So as of right now, it's not a full unit yet because guys are out.

GORAN DRAGIC: Yeah, I mean, of course. You know, we didn't play with those guys that usually play, the starting five or, let's say, starting seven, eight guys. You know, J Rich was out, Bam is out, Dion-- you know, it's-- JJ. So it's a lot of guys who played a lot of minutes last year. But it's good, you know, it's a good challenge for those young guys, like I said, to get used to it, to this league, and try to take advantage of those minutes.

REPORTER: Hassan, two double doubles and two per season games, have you-- if you have-- seen a difference in him?

GORAN DRAGIC: Yeah, yeah. I mean, his attitude is very different. He's hungrier. I feel like he's hungry. He's playing loose. You know, he's not caught in his own outside thoughts. He just wants to be there with us, helping the team. And, you know, he's doing amazing so far.

REPORTER: And how about Kelly and [INAUDIBLE]

GORAN DRAGIC: I mean, they complement each other games, because Kelly, he's a spacer. He can shoot wider, he can go inside and be a dominant force inside the pen. So it's kind of you day and night. But they can play alongside.