Dan Mullen expects intensity to abound when Florida hosts LSU

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Florida Gators coach Dan Mullen anticipates an intense matchup against visiting LSU on Saturday afternoon.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - Two great road victories. But how about coming back to the Swamp for LSU Saturday?

- Well, you know, I mean, the LSU game is always a big game. You look at them, they're a top-five team this year. You know, one of the top teams in America. And to be able to come home and play this game at the Swamp.

I mean, I'm expecting, I know our student government is out there, and they're encouraging everybody to wear blue, and I'm expecting to see the Swamp, the Swamp that I always know, love, and remember. And make this the most hostile place in the country to come play, and the loudest, most intimidating environment. I don't expect an empty seat in the building. And I expect all the Gator Nation on their feet, from the opening kick to the final whistle.