FSU coach Willie Taggart on rivalry showdown against Miami

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FSU coach Willie Taggart discusses the keys to Saturday's game and the rivalry showdown against the ranked Hurricanes.

[THEME MUSIC] - 3:30 Saturday in South Florida, the renewal of the rivalry that is Miami and Florida State. And coach, you grew up following Florida State so, certainly, you're well familiar with this rivalry. It's been one of the best in college football.

- Oh, absolutely. And for both teams, I think this is where it all starts. And when you talk about the [INAUDIBLE] of the state and winning the State Championship it starts in this game. And I know growing up, for a championship, I mean, it always came between these two teams. And there were some physical games and some hard hits and a lot of big-time plays in that game, and you expect same thing.

- I was going to say, you expect the same thing every time these teams meet. What are some overarching keys in terms of what your team's going to need to do to escape with a victory this weekend?

- Well, we've got to take care of the football. That's really important that we take care of the football. And then on the opposite side, we've got to get the ball back, you know, and try to create many opportunities for our offense. But it's going to be key that we take care of the football.