Miami coach Mark Richt breaks down upcoming matchup with FSU

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Miami Hurricanes coach Mark Richt breaks down what to expect when the team takes on FSU on Saturday afternoon.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - This weekend's game-- and Don and I were talking about it earlier-- and I guess I mean this you know just scheme wise. I said Don, "Are we playing Florida State or are we playing Pittsburgh and Michigan State? Because their defense looks a little different."

- Yeah, they are. They are doing a lot of the things that the coaches that have come out of that Michigan State defensive tree, how you want to call it. They look very much like what Pitt has done defensively in a lot of ways.

And there are some other things that they do that you know aren't quite the same. But it is a little bit different from what they were doing. Offensively it's different than what they were doing.

So you got a bunch of really talented players with very good coaches. But they're learning to-- Coaches are learning what the players are capable of and the players are learning exactly how the coach wants things done.

And then they have a big win, you know, comeback victory. And then they start seeing, hey, this is how it can work. And so you know, I'm sure they're gaining confidence as they go.

And it's hard that first year to get everything implemented and get it done the way you want it. It's hard to even expect that kind of execution but they're getting there.

- Their quarterback, Francoise, is from the 16 game here. I was as impressed with him and his physical toughness and what he endured in that game. And just, he would not go away.

- He's a great player, you know. And he's great because, you know, he can throw the ball, he can run, he can do those things. But you mentioned his toughness. And the toughness of a quarterback it resonates with everybody.

Everybody sees that guy laying it on the line, and that guy taking shots and getting up, and throwing another strike, and trusting in his protection the next time around. And then, you know, everything's perfect.

And then the next play, he gets banged again. And, you know, he was the main reason why they hung in there and won that game. It was very evident. There was a lot of other things that went well, but he was the key to victory in my opinion. He's a tough one to beat.

- Coach [INAUDIBLE] being his first start Florida State game, is there any father-son conversation you have about volume?

- You just got to focus on your job. You've got to focus on your assignments, you focus on your reads, your progressions, your protections. There's so much to think about every single snap to make it go the way it should go. That will be plenty to think about.

- On the other side, they've got a couple of running backs that Akers and Patrick can get it going. You don't want them to get it going. But Akers can really fly.

- Yeah I think the key to that is you know get him to stop before they get started. You get him a little bit ahead of steam, and a little bit of space, and you know they got the speed and power to run through people and run by people. And their great backs.

Make no mistake, they are very, very talented team, and highly motivated, and well coached. So it's going to be interesting to see what happens.