Mark Richt wants fans to bring the noise Saturday afternoon

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Miami Hurricanes coach Mark Richt explains how a large crowd of vocal fans can have a positive impact on the game in many ways.

- The Hurricane fans can make a difference this weekend.

- Please.

Please make a difference.

- And they will. They will make a difference. There's no doubt. I mean, you know, I say it all the time. But you get a team to jump offsides one time-- let's say it's third and one, and, you know, they've had two first downs and they're getting ready to get on the field, going. They're on the 37 yard line, going in. It's third and one. And they're getting ready to hammer it, you know, for that first down.

And then bang, you jump offsides. And now it's third and six. And they're all--we decide to throw it. And then it's incomplete or it's a pick. You know? Or you know, we, you know, get a sack. And then all of a sudden, they're out of field goal range. I mean, just one time, get them to jump offside with the crowd noise. And I'm sure it'll be-- we'll get that. We'll get at least one, maybe more.

And the other thing too is, you know, when the momentum is going in the right direction and the crowd's, you know, obviously, a big part of that, it just makes the team that's visiting thinking they're outnumbered maybe a little bit more than they are.

And so it's going to be huge. And it also adds energy to our team. When we walk through that Cane walk, that adds energy. When we look up there, and the student section's going crazy, that adds energy to the team. And when something good's happening and the crowd explodes, that adds energy to everybody. Without our fans, it's just not fun.