‘Canes coach Mark Richt is well-versed in Miami-FSU rivalry

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Miami Hurricanes coach Mark Richt knows quite well the ins and outs of the rivalry with FSU. After all, he has been on both sides of it.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - And on Saturday, Miami and Florida State. 3:30 at Hard Rock Stadium. Well, you've been on both sides of this one. And it's always--

- Yeah, it's great. It's unreal. It's mostly-- it's been great for a lot of reasons. There's been some times where we know that the winner of that game is going to play for the national championship. And you know, we'll get back to that, I'm sure, before long. But it's also so much about just the hometown pride. You know? Our guys that played at the same high school, guys that got recruited together, went on recruiting visits together, I mean, these guys know each other. And you know, there's a lot at stake, because it's an NCAA game, but there's also a lot of pride at stake too.

- Coach, what do you think is the best part of this game? Is it the week coming up to it? And I'm not necessarily talking about on the field. But I'm just-- the overall [INAUDIBLE] to this game.

- I think everything. I mean, even-- you know, we had our little practice, like we do, on Sunday evenings, and you could see it. You know, the guys are excited about it. And I'm sure their guys are too. And the fans start getting revved up. And you know, you just never know what's going to happen during the week. But you also know, when the weekend comes, everybody's going to be there, everybody's going to be there early, everybody's going to be ready. I'm talking about the fans and the players. So we're looking forward to it.

- Someone's going to write the history book, and they're going to get a lot of chapters from you, because you were a player in the game, and you were a coach in the game for Florida State, and, of course, coach of the game for the University of Miami. So you've got all angles covered. And what do you think-- is there anything out there that stood out over the last couple of years?

- The last couple? Well, you know--

JOE ZAGACKI: Well, I guess maybe going back when you were--

- Yeah, I mean, the last couple, obviously, you know, losing six in a row and then seven in a row. And then finally breaking that jinx or whatever you want to call it, you know? Get that elephant off your back. It didn't matter how it happened, but, you know, I knew that it was probably going to take something spectacular to change the course of history. And we did have that spectacular play, you know, from Malik to Langham. And then we had to sit there and wait for, it felt like an hour, to decide if it was a touchdown or not.

But you know, sometimes you've got to make that spectacular play at that very moment that you need it the most. And you know, I don't doubt that this game's going to come down to the wire. I mean, the rival games do. There's something about them that it doesn't matter what anybody's done before that time and what they did a year ago. It's a game unto itself. It's a war unto itself. And both teams will be revved up, ready to go.