FSU coach Willie Taggart on the comeback win over Louisville

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FSU Seminoles coach Willie Taggart breaks down what he liked from the team's comeback win over Louisville on Saturday.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - Yeah. It was-- it was great. I know at halftime, the guys were really, really encouraging each other, you know, to hang in there, and that it was a long game. I constantly kept hearing guys saying, don't look at the scoreboard, just play each play. And I felt comfortable with our guys at-- at halftime that-- that they will do what it takes to-- to win that ball game, and-- and-- and-- and they did.

- I thought the-- the fight showed up early in the game, too, even though it was 21-7 at half. After Louisville grabbed the lead and the crowd was into it, you immediately went down the field and answered right away. That was a good step.

- It was. And-- and again, our guys executed and-- and-- and not made-- made any mistakes in-- in that drive. And-- and it was important for us to go down there and score. And [INAUDIBLE] scored on the screen play. That-- that really got us going a little bit there-- offense there late in the-- in the-- in the first half.

- At the end of the game, Coach, there was a couple of seniors who really stepped up with big plays-- AJ Westbrook defensively and then Nyqwan Murray [INAUDIBLE] offensively.

- Yeah. It was great to see, you know, and I talked to those guys about that after the game, you know. For-- for seniors to step up in a ball game like that when we needed it the most was-- was huge. And-- and, hopefully, that's something we can build off of. And we need those guys to continue to make those winning plays.

- I know it's just one win, and you can't let the highs be too high or the lows be too low. But it feels like, from a psyche standpoint, what happened on Saturday could be pretty significant.

- Oh, absolutely. You know, it's something we've been stressing, and something we've been struggling with this year, just dealing with adversity. And we were down. And, you know, for me personally, I-- I liked that win for our football team more than if it's a blowout win in a-- in a game. I thought it was good for our team right now, and-- and, hopefully, we can build off of it.