Florida coach Dan Mullen liked gusty effort from team in win over Mississippi State

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Florida Gators coach Dan Mullen praised his team for their gusty effort in their win Saturday over a tough Mississippi State team in the hostile environment of Starkville.


- I'm Mick Hubert. Along with Dan Mullen, we welcome you to Florida football. It was a thrilling, hard fought 60-minute game for the Gators to win it in Starkville, beating Mississippi State 13-6. And, Dan, congratulations on a great win.

- Thank you. It was a great night, great atmosphere playing a top 15 team on the road in that atmosphere. And our guys really, you know, stuck together. And it was a great team win of how we executed to get there.

MICK HUBERT: Well, the environment was so special, so hostile. I thought, a few full-start penalties early, but the team did settle down and got into the intensity of the game.

- Absolutely, you know, and the penalties were frustrating because, you know, I mean, they were really lacking mental toughness penalties. It wasn't, like, right off the snap, or we jumped a half second early. It was our guys, you know, just not completely locked in in what was going on, and to flinch like that-- was frustrating. It's something we'll get fixed this week at practice and make sure we have the exact the-- you know, we continue to improve our mental toughness. But, overall, it was. It was a great environment there. You know, it always is. It's one of the toughest places to play in the league. You know, I guess it's an environment I help-- I put myself in that problem because I help create that environment. But, you know, it was. But I think our guys handled it very, very well.