Sights and sounds: Jon Cooper wears a mic during Lightning practice

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Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Jon Cooper gets mic'd up for preseason practice.

- Third goalie. Something happens, you're in. Coach'll chip it in here, D, low forward. D. OK, we got it? You got 'em up, like get the knee in there. Don't let 'em in. Don't, you gotta get him up one, two, so the third guy comes in. Hold it, who's going who?

- I'll go with you guys.

- OK, make sure, make sure we're talking.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. How's he going to understand that? The second D will be in front. First D will be hitting Penning, then the center will get it.

- My conditioning is much better now.

- It's just different. It's different like, you can't replicate what you do in the summer to what you do like when you get to camp. Halt, back in, back, back. That's it, that's it, that's it. Oh. Goal, goalies must love this drill. Eh? Note to the editors, take the first part of this conversation out.

Hey, [INAUDIBLE], coach the coaches. That was an audible.


- Let's go.


- Listen. Flood, flood, flood. Seal the wall. I want you guys to seal the wall. Seal the wall. You seal the wall. Seal the wall, Tony, seal the wall, wingers. Move to the wall, seal the wall. Two, two, two. Work, work, work. Oh, gaps and angles, gaps and angles. Gap, gap, gap. Gap, angle, angle. You got to angle, boys, take your gaps.


Take your gaps. Angle, angle, angle. You're all right. Angle, slow him down. Even on the first one. If the basket's the play, the basket's the play. Basket, basket, basket, basket, basket, basket. Last one, last one here, last one. Nice, Sergei, nice. That's it, [INAUDIBLE] that's it. That a way to surround it. That a way to skate out of it, guys. Stay on your guys. Stay on 'em. That's it.


Where? Oh.


Other side.