Mic’d up: Alex Killorn gets fired up for Lightning Fan Fest

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Tampa Bay Lightning winger Alex Killorn gets mic'd up for 2018 Fan Fest.

ALEX KILLORN: We've been rock climbing in the background. Hey, you want to make a truce? Truce, truce, truce. You're out, Charles. Dude. Put the AC/DC back on.


ALEX KILLORN: That's it!

Whew. Faster than Pointer.

YANNI GOURDE: Well, you retrieve, and then you chip it in.

ALEX KILLORN: Then they go?

YANNI GOURDE: And then they go, I think. You chip in and then--

- When you break out, you just--

ALEX KILLORN: So we're in the 113?

YANNI GOURDE: Yeah. 113--

ALEX KILLORN: No, they're in the 113.

Got to get the call ins. The defensive team comes out, comes back, defends three times.


ALEX KILLORN: The blue team or whoever is at offense plays--

YANNI GOURDE: So it's five on five.

ALEX KILLORN: Yeah. Eh, get in the circle. It's important, 5% better. We just down and take a shot. Do your shot. Oh, give it back back.

You got to appreciate the fans that sit top row, eh. They want to go to the second lowest--

Mack truck! Oh, yeah. Rim dog! Rim it. Rim it.

Good finish, pointer. Good finish.

- Thanks, buddy.

ALEX KILLORN: Got the front row seats, boys.

- Oh yeah, we got over here.

ALEX KILLORN: Watch them shots, boys. Kill this thing. [INAUDIBLE] All the way, boys. All right, Stammer. Pressure them. Pressure them.



That's yours, eh.

MATHEIU JOSEPH: I know, I got tied up.

ALEX KILLORN: Yeah, but don't get tied up. Go over here.

Let's go, Pally. I love playing with you, man. You got another one in you, Pally.

Watch out for number 21. He's good in open ice. Someone shadow 21. I'm going to tie myself to Pointer. Put my strap-- hey, I'm going to put my strap on to Pointer. He's gonna just drag me around.

All right. Volkey's coming. I got Stral! I got Stral! I got Stral! Someone [BLEEP]ing grab this guy. You're going anywhere, bud.

Commentary by [INAUDIBLE]. That was fine. Get to Volkey. Guard him! Oh. 2. 2. Oh, Martel.


New guy, well done.

You need me? Let me know if you need me. I'm not standing in front of that today. No stick! Change, Volkey. [LAUGHS]

Volkey. Volkey. Yeah, baby.

G, you last though. We might need you. What a day, man. You're unbelievable today.


ALEX KILLORN: G-money, wait. Get the crowd going.

ANNOUNCER: Dan Girardi.



- Love the stammer.


ALEX KILLORN: All right. Shake it. Hey. [LAUGHS]

I'm the fittest man in the world.