Dwyane Wade wants team to bring energy, love for the game every day

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Miami Heat SG Dwyane Wade says he wants to instill in his teammates that there are some things they can't control, but what they can control is bringing their energy and love for the game each and every day.

- What do you think about the work that you guys did in the summer into training camp? What's the best way to describe how some of that made its way into some of the things you guys were doing tonight?

- Yeah, you know, just, the first preseason game, you just want to see some carryover from what you worked on in training camp, and definitely seen that early with a lot of good things. Obviously, as every team, you're going to have things that you can go back and look at the film and you can work on. But I definitely seen a lot of good things. I like our pace. I like the way the ball was moving. You know, and of course, defensively, you got to make sure you continue to get better. But we will.

- How were you feeling out there?

- I feel good. I mean, obviously, you know, you get tired, legs get a little heavy. I left a couple of shots out there that I would like to get back. But you know, that just comes over time. But Coach made sure that, you know, he pushed me. I played like 17 in the first half. I don't think I did that in a long time. So it was good. It was good to get out there, to move around, so I feel good.

- I know it's only one preseason game, but how encouraging was it to see Hassan out there today playing with that activity level both sides of the court?

- That's the biggest thing, you know. That's the one thing you control every night is your activity level, you know. Shots not gonna always go in. You're not gonna always get looks. But you know, if he can play with that kind of activity level, that same energy and love for the game, you have a very good season for us. So-- and that's the one thing that we're gonna try to, you know, continue to push him to do for our team, is bringing that activity, bringing the energy on both ends of the floor.

- Because of injuries, your 3's got a real opportunity to get out there and do some things. It's tough, because that may not be their role when the time comes. Some of these guys may move on to Sioux Falls. But how important is the time to get on the floor and orchestrate things correctly?

- Well, first of all, it's, you know, you got guys in here, it's their first time, you know, getting a chance to live out a dream and playing on the NBA floor, playing with an NBA team. So it was good to see a few guys get opportunities. And also the guys who have worked their way back to being in this position, that was good as well.

So coaches just preached in training camp is just positionless basketball, you know what I mean? Just be comfortable to be able to play whatever-- whatever position and whatever role you're gonna have on this team when you out on the floor. So I think guys have done that so far.

- Dwyane, when you step on the floor, is your focus playmaking and just letting whatever happens come from there?

- Yeah, I'm a playmaker, you know. That's just-- that's been my nature. And put pressure on the defense, you know, score the basketball. Playmake first, and then score from there. So it doesn't change for me. I'm always trying to put pressure on the basket, you know, and get to the middle of the paint. You know, make the defense make a decision, either me or the big. Or you know, we'll help defense so I can spray to other guys. So definitely, that's all-- when I get in the game right away, you know, I just want to be able to draw two so I can make plays to others, and then give myself opportunities to score the basketball.

- Does it take a while for guys to understand, hey, I need you in this spot? And is that part of what this whole process is this week in--

- Yeah, I mean, I definitely-- for the first time, though, I definitely liked the spacing. You know, as we get in better shape, as we learn each other a little bit better just by playing more, you will see better opportunities. But I wasn't disappointed at all with the first opportunities that we had together when I'm out there. I think guys got to their shots, got to their strengths, and that's what Coach preach. Everyone get to their strengths, and I thought tonight we was able to do that.