Duncan Robinson: ‘It’s great playing with guys that are so unselfish and actively looking for you in your spots’

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Miami Heat rookie Duncan Robinson discusses his first preseason game and team chemistry.

- It's what every player wants. Right from day one, the whole staff, the whole team has empowered me to be aggressive and shoot. Being in my position, you can't ask for much more. And every time, I shot fake or pass one up, I'm doing them a disservice and this team a disservice. I got to continue to be aggressive.

INTERVIEWER: How nice was it to see three go down for you today?

- It was good. It was good. It was nice to get that first game under your belt, like you said, to see something go. I thought there were some others that looked good, felt good, didn't go. That's part of basketball. But like I said, I'm going to continue to be aggressive and hopefully they continue to fall.

INTERVIEWER: You don't mess around getting to the boards either. You get up there and clean the glass a few times. Is that going to be a part of what you want to provide when you're on the board?

- Hopefully. Just do whatever I can to help this team win, little things, intangibles here and there. So whatever this team needs me to do, I'm willing to do.

INTERVIEWER: How different is that from your previous basketball experiences? When people talk about moving the ball, keep the ball moving, good to better to best shot. The three-pointer is not always the best shot, but it's your encouraged shot. So how much of a mentality change is that for you?

- Not really too much of one. There's a lot of similarities to how we play in college versus how we play here. This is a little bit faster pace, and it's a little bit more free, and basketball players gotta play. So that's something that I really enjoy. I can use my IQ to my advantage, and it's great playing with guys that are so unselfish and are actively looking for you and your spots.

INTERVIEWER: Kelly's gone through this. Dwyane went through it last year. What's it like when they tell you don't fall into that trap, Spo's not putting up with pump fakes or anything, that at least you know two other guys lived this as far as you thought you really have to let it fly.

- Well, after two days of camp, getting yelled at and running for shot faking, I quickly learned that I should not shot fake. And like I said, those guys were in my ear nonstop. Just continue to be aggressive. So when you get that type of empowerment from your teammates, it goes a long way. So all I can do is continue to let it fly.

INTERVIEWER: So when don't you shoot now? In other words, when the ball comes to you, when won't you shoot the ball?

- There's still a difference between a good and a bad shot. You can't get them up when there's someone draped all over you. So like I said, they encourage me to shoot, but there's still a difference between a good and a bad one.