Don Mattingly on Alcantara’s 10-strikeout performance, 1-0 loss to Mets

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Miami Marlins manager Don Mattingly talks about Sandy Alcantara's 10-strikeout performance and the 1-0 loss to the New York Mets.

- You know, the last two days kind of indicative. You know, I think we go 21 innings, give up two runs and don't win either game. But, you know, JT handled himself great. And then Sandy was great today. I thought he was more aggressive. We seen him a lot more like he pitched against these guys before. And that's part of him is that roller coaster and all our young guys. So that was nice to see that to finish it.

REPORTER: Yeah, it looked like you had noted that you wanted more four seams than the two seam. And it looks like that's what he did tonight.

- No, he was aggressive. You know, I think the DC game or the national game, it was a team that hit him and then it was like he didn't get back to being aggressive. So it was good to see that today.

REPORTER: What can you take out of a game like this from a contrast perspective? I mean, obviously I hate to take away from him, but you know how these closing day games are. Generally, they're free swinging. Get out of here.

- Well, you know, he had the same team earlier in the year when it wasn't that game and pretty much pitched the same way. And I think for him it just shows him that he can be aggressive. Again, I think it probably doesn't mean unbelievable. There's nothing monumental that happened today other than this guy has a chance to be a really good pitcher. And consistency is going to be the key. Can he come up with that?

And again, I don't think one performance at the end of the year changes your winter or that now I know I can do it. I think the experience and being able to take that into your work during the winter is very helpful though.

REPORTER: The ball that was fouled, how close did you guys [INAUDIBLE]?

- I mean, I've harped. I don't like the stands call at all. So our guy thought it was fair. And I don't like stands. They got 12 views in New York. They got slow-mos Let the guy make a call. Either he thinks it's fair or foul. Stop with the stands for me.

I've said it before. Say it again. Make a call in New York. You've got the replay. You got slow-mos You got the best views. You don't have to do it at speed. You don't have to know what call was made. Just make a call and let that be the call.