Joey Wendle appreciates fans giving him standing ovation

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Tampa Bay Rays Joey Wendle says finishing the season with a win is fun and appreciates the fans for giving him a standing ovation.

JOURNALIST: --mean to you to end the way that it did?

- Really fun. With a win, 90 wins as a team. It's fun coming in and taking on a game like that. I'm not much for bringing attention to myself. But I definitely appreciate the fans and them giving me a little bit of love there at the end.

But I mean, what a fun season. I just can't say enough about the guys in this club house. And just the way we fought from day one, it's been a pretty special year.

JOURNALIST: What have you learned about yourself this year?

- You know, I don't know if I've learned a ton about myself. Just that I have the ability to compete in this league. And that this team has the ability to win ballgames in this league. We've kind of proven that to ourselves. And I guess personally, I've proven that to myself.

So we're all excited heading into next year. And it doesn't seem like a team that isn't headed to the playoffs. There's kind of a buzz right around here. And it's just fun. We're excited.